Greetings and Welcome to the 1st Annual PermaPeaceFest – Permaculture Olympics and Certifications – which will be held in the magical land of Crestone Colorado.
Certification, Olympics and Action Days are May 14th to May 31st, 2021.
 The Festival will be May 28-31.

With so many uncertainties and many aspects of life in flux, there are some things we know we can rely upon: people need one another, exercising and being outdoors is good for you, and food grows from the earth. We also know that singing and dancing nourishes the soul and is the reason we’re adding the
 Fest to the PermaPeace.


 PermaPeace sounds akin to permanent peace – living in a world where peace has been permanently established. While it may seem impossible to some – there are those of us who are unshakably devoted to the idea – and to actions known to cultivate and sustain this dream continuing to come into fruition. Permaculture and becoming food resilient is one of the critical pieces to the permanent peace puzzle. With that said, we enthusiastically invite you to join us in co-creating peace through action, permaculture food forests, and amazing fun learning with a music festival here in one of the most powerfully peaceful (and relatively little known) places on the planet – Crestone, Colorado – The Baca/Crestone Community currently houses many of the world’s wisdom traditions and is referred to as the “Refuge for World Truths” and accommodates thousands of visiting retreatants per year who seek to develop inner peace and balance within oneself and with nature. It is the largest intentional, interreligious, and sustainable living community in North America. San Luis Valley is also the solar capital and straw bale building capital of North America.


 Crestone, Colorado is unique in a myriad of ways. Situated upon a fault line with numerous ley lines crossing, nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristos, Crestone is located in the sacred San Luis Valley – the largest high alpine valley of its kind. A large aquifer resides below the surface, providing pristine sacred clean drinking water and bubbling up hot water for soaking in at locally famous hot springs such as Joyful Journey, Valley View, and the Sand Dunes Recreation Hooper Pool. Our star-studded nights are stunning, so much so that we have a UFO watchtower in the valley with a panoramic view of an often active night sky, and we even have a huge greenhouse housing reptiles and bamboo and aquaponics in the comfort of the warm moist air created by the thermal updrafts at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park.

Why am I telling you all of this?


It’s simple: WE WANT YOU!


We want those of you who are yearning to have more PermaPeaceFestiness in YOUR life!

Sponsored by our local Peace on Earth by 2030 Game Teams (, who are dedicated to the continued growth and outreach programs of our Peace On Earth Zone (POEZone) here in Crestone. Our teams started with a mission to ‘Cure Hunger’ in Crestone a year and a half ago. Partnering with the Crestone Baca Resilience (CBR) group we helped with the creation of a church community garden site and with growing food in the Townhall greenhouse with 9 organizational partners now supporting this initiative. Our dream is to bring in extra help at 5-6 additional locations in Crestone to start growing permaculture food forests and learn how to do this. We are involving the creative design of permaculture Olympics teams which is a design used in Oregon to plant food forests.


We’re offering Permaculture Design Certifications with courses taught by world-class instructors as well. We have local master gardeners, speakers, and local wizards sharing lost mystical knowledge regarding the harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world. People of all ages can join the permaculture Olympic teams and pick a site they want to be involved with and work with their team for 2 weeks, or join for a few hours or a day at permaculture action days.


You can get into the festival for free by showing 3 hours or more of device to the projects.

Wrapping up this 18-day event is the PermaPeaceFEST where singing, dancing, communing with local artists, crafters, musicians, families, and folks, amid the backdrop of majestic mountains and big blue sky, the whole experience promises to be a WIN-WIN for those of you looking for this sort of educational shindig…you may even find yourself staying for a year or two… There’s an old saying in these parts…” the mountain either sucks you in, or spits you out”…if this event stirs your heartstrings, your desire for learning and making a difference in the world, and if you have a hankering for having adventures…it’s likely the mountain will suck you in…so be prepared!


   We are even starting the creation of a Crestone Adventure mystical vision quest through this event, that people can come back to year after year as well.


Take a look on our Events tab at the many various sites you can get involved with, camp at, and possibly even make your new home for longer than 18 days, and jump on into a fabulous journey of a lifetime…


Welcome! The water is warm!!

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