How does tokenization work

How Does Tokenization Work at Perma Peace?


Tokenization is a very large topic, leaving plenty of room for speculators to fill with great hope for the future.  It’s not just about investing in your favorite “coin” as you would in the stock market.  We see it as a tool to build a community fair and equitably.  But a tool is only as good or bad as what it’s used for and the Perma Peace Festival wants to use it with other means to show how tokenization and other modern tech can help build a better village when combined with ancient wisdom.  We have 4 uses at this time:

Work Trading

All volunteers of the festival shall be awarded with tokens that can be traded for space to live, work or play such as in co-working hubs, airbnb like spaces or places to work out.  We use Toggl to track our hours, then transfer them to the account you signed up with on this site.

Charity ("Greatest of these is charity")

When a user buys tokens and later decide to give them to a charitable project it becomes a donation and they may become eligible for a tax write off if it is given to a registered 501c3 we have approved of on our list.

Work Online in the Marketplace

This is in the works but sometime “after the festival”, you will be able to earn tokens uploading your products or helping others sell theirs in return for tokenized commission.  

When a product is sold, dollars or tokens can be split between the merchant, the admin (our team at 5%) and whoever helps us sell by sharing on social media, text or any other means.  A % of each sale can also go to support a local charity if the merchant decides to – such as this very festival – and the merchant can get a tax write off in the process.

Simply buy tokens or a ticket.

Go to these page tickets or tokens.

Some tickets will include tokens to use at the festival.
Tokens bought and not used can be given away to projects for a tax deduction at a later date.

Purchasing Tokens – The more you buy the larger the discount; that is, $100 can buy $120 in tokens or $1,000 could buy $1,200 to be used same as credit card or cash but without processing fees to the community.

Use in the Marketplace – We want to make this a global market.

Recurring memberships – There will be some membership options that replenish the users digital wallet every month or year.  Memberships and what you can do with them are beyond this description, but you can get a higher % exchange rate for signing up in a recurring membership.

We want to show how tokenization can not only improve user experience but also the organizer experience for the festival as well before integrating it into a matrix of a small town (Crestone).

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