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Director of Operations


Miranda Clendening has brought tens of millions of people together around the world in synchronized meditation and unitive events through her leadership of Unify.org. Her skillset includes non-profit management, technology integration, whole-system community development, and large event facilitation. She will serve as Director of Operations for the Peace on Earth game that includes management of the game platform, game development and the large-scale annual events. 

Center for RTP Team:  Director of Operations

Cool Block Team:  Tech Advisory

Imagine Program Team:  Director of Development

POE by 2030 Game Team:  Director of Operations

Cathe' Fish

Cathe' Fish

Permaculture Design Certification Course

Cathe’ Fish is passionate about Permaculture. She has been working as an experienced drylands Permaculture Designer and Consultant since 1987. She has designed ranches, 40 acre farms to small suburban plots and apartments.  Cathe’ has taught hundreds of sustainable living classes and workshops. She has been an inspiring pioneer in permaculture education in the US and internationally and is a sought out instructor.

Cathe's main course has been postponed until Oct. 1 - 10th.

Alder Lakish
The Future

Alder Lakish

Alder Lakish is a futurist, filmmaker, artist, activist, inventor and sailor who works to develop alternative models of civilizational progress toward a sustainable and ecological future.


His specific areas of focus are progressive  alternatives to corporate globalism, re-greening, new transportation systems and carbon negative energy solutions.


He is Executive Director of the non-profit organizations Blue Ocean Rescue and Renew the Future.


He is currently developing plans to create the first Museum of the Future in Denver, Colorado.

Heather D’Alessio
Intro to Goat Husbandry

Heather D’Alessio

Heather has over 24 years of experience breeding and raising goats, particularly in Colorado which poses unique challenges. At Milky Way Mountain Caprines their mission is to provide a supply of the freshest, sweetest healthiest goat milk possible, while facilitating a relationship between the community and one of its most sustainable food sources. They practice permaculture and humane treatment of our animals, providing them with spacious pastureland, local alfalfa and grass grown here on the farm, local sprouted grains, and a lifestyle tempered by the utmost respect and care from their human caretakers. They have livestock guardian llamas and Colorado Mountain Dogs to assist them in their duties.

Ginny Ducale
Green Manure

Ginny Ducale

I graduated from design school but found that I needed to be outside in the fresh air moving around rather than sitting inside at a desk and being immobile.  After working in landscaping for 28 or so years, the desire to grow food got stronger and so I have been growing food in small gardens since then, about 20 years.

For the last three years, I have worked with the Crestone/Baca Resiliency as a food team leader developing a flowing food system here in Crestone in case of crisis or unsustainable food delivery. We have a community garden and productive greenhouse that supplies the local Food Bank, and some volunteers who work and bring food home.  We will continue to develop a growing food system till there is no longer a threat.

Tom McCracken
Real Food Security

Tom McCracken

Thomas and Lillian McCracken, who both have extensive backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and a long-term commitment to environmental preservation, are the co-founders and managers of Green Earth, Inc. 

Thomas was a founding member of Healing Light, a holistic health community dedicated to the education and practice of alternative healing and organic farming. He was also a senior partner in Cottage Industries, a forestry collective responsible for thousands of acres of reforestation throughout the U.S.

Lillian has been a student and practitioner of the healing arts with a focus on herbalism since the late 1960s. She has studied with many of the leading herbal practitioners and traditional healers of our time. She joined Tom in his life work at Healing Light and Cottage Industries when they met at Healing Waters, an alternative health retreat and education center. They later created Green Earth Forestry to continue their work of reforestation.

In 1986 they were managers of the World Garden and Quinoa research project in Crestone, Colorado. The following year they started Green Earth Farm in Saguache and became founding members of the Colorado Organic Producers’ Association. The 170 acre irrigated farm produced a wide variety of crops including herbs, vegetables alfalfa and grains. They produced a variety of White Wheat used for Shumei’s pasta project. Their vegetables were distributed widely from Albuquerque to Ft. Collins. They were also on-site directors of the Quinoa Project at the Baca Ranch in the late 80’s. The purpose of the project was to integrate quinoa into a sustainable agriculture system that utilized a wide diversity of crops in rotation. Areas of research included rotational sequences for maximum production and weed control, water application methods, cultivation methods, planting density, and raised beds among other topics.

With Green Earth Farm’s move to their new location on the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo range on the eastern side of the San Luis Valley, Tom and Lillian are in their 30th year of organic production in the valley. The farm’s Archaic Orchard & perennial herb gardens are located at 8200 feet adjacent to the Sangre de Cristo wilderness. The rich soils, pure air, water flowing from the mountains, and intense high altitude climate produces potent herbs, tender vegetables and sweet fruit and berries. A permaculture farm, they have planted over 50 fruit trees, raspberries, strawberries, and many perennial herbs, vegetables and fruiting bushes. They continue to be certified organic.

During Lillian’s many years of training and personal experience with herbs she has created 2 lines of products that nourish and heal the body and soul. The A’Terra line consists of skin care products such as Crème’s, Lotions and Balms, and the Earth Garden Botanical line of herbal tea blends and tinctures for everyday enjoyment or occasional discomfort and specific use.  Additionally they offer a line of blended Essential Oils that are wonderful for massage and aromatherapy.


Nathan Good
Permaculture and the Seventh Generation Philosophy

Nathan Good

The Sai Sisters
Outstanding Vocalists with Intertwining Harmonies

The Sai Sisters

Karen Chenoweth, Meryl Ennis and Carolyn Bullion are outstanding vocalists with intertwining harmonies & acoustic guitars here to spread the Love!

The Sai Sisters play at 4PM on Saturday.

The Zantana Band & Nikki Z - Trailer Band

The Zantana Band & Nikki Z - Trailer Band

Zantana Band
Zantana is a Tribute to the music of Carlos Santana. This five piece band, from the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado is just starting out, but has already made a mark in their hometown of Crestone. They will be headlining the 4th of July event and have been offered shows by many local festivals and private events. Zantana is Nikki Z. on lead guitar and vocals, Gabe Swanson on Keys, Trey Taylor on Bass, Arnie "AHA" Alba on Drums and Tony Eleits on Conga / Percussion.


The Trailer Band

The Trailer Band (No Official Band Name) is a 3 piece from the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. This band came about from Covid shutting down Live Music in 2020. The band decided to give the town of Crestone free shows every Saturday in the Park starting in March 0f 2021. They loaded up a trailer with their musical gear and went downtown. The response was great! Except for the town, which did not like us playing "Unauthorized Music" not approved by the town board. The "Parked Trailer Boys" did not care, even after getting a ticket for noise, they pursued, getting signatures from Townsfolk and Baca folk saying they wanted music in the park and eventually got the town to allow it! Rock and Roll!!! The Trailer Band is Nikki Z. Lead guitar and vocals, Don Garcia on Bass and Carl Cole on Drums.

The Imaginary Music Experiment w/Bennett

The Imaginary Music Experiment w/Bennett

THE IMAGINARY MUSIC EXPERIMENT is the brainchild of Dr. Ephan Stranger, TM, RS. Having obtained a pseudodegree in Theoretical Metaphysics, with an emphasis on Cymachromatics, at the prestigious Figment Institute of Biocosmology, Dr. Stranger has since made it his mission to travel the various planes of the imaginariverse with his trusty guitar, investigating the patterns at the Heart of Creation, and writing songs about them. To this end, he has developed his own unique approach, dubbed "The Stranger Method", which involves asking people questions at random, and making music out of their responses. The result has been an ongoing string of experiments, documentation of which is slated to begin in the near future (along with the publication of preliminary findings*) on Radio Free Futura (KRFF), broadcasting from YouTube, Hive, Odysee, Publish Ox, and anywhere quality imaginary music experiments are sold. 






* Dr. Stranger's research is 100% guaranteed never peer-reviewed or double blind, or your money back!

Roots Reggae Band


RasMoses is originally from New York City, now based in Boulder, CO. He is an international recording artist, author, public speaker, healing practitioner and acting President of Colorado House of Rastafari (501c3).


RasMoses has traveled from Ethiopia to India chanting in the Himalayas to the  Nyahbinghi Tabernacles in the hills of Jamaica and Shashamene. He has shared stages  in America, St. Croix, Kenya and Jamaica with international artists and bands such as  Black Uhuru, Capelton, Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, Everton Blender, Coco Tea, Richie Spice,  Koffee, Kabaka Pyramid, Julian Marley, Harry Mo, Machet and The Meditations. 

Lecturer on many spiritual and holistic topics. (He is initiated into the ancient Kriya  Meditation that was mastered by Haile Selassie the First, Yashua Christ, Moses, Buddha,  Krishna, and Yoganada. 

As acting President of Colorado House of Rastafari  

This a membership faith-based sacramental church, focusing on cultural edutainment,  conscious music, Nyahbinghi grounations and charitable outreach programs locally  in Colorado and in Africa. Currently, the house has launched a sustainable farming  program with an orphanage in Uganda and a clean water initiative in Ethiopia. 

Facebook Page  



Jenni Mansfield Peal

Jenni Mansfield Peal

Contemporary Folk Singer and Songwriter Jenni Mansfield Peal shares songs of love and laundry, as well as the occasional murder ballad. www.jennimansfieldpeal.com

Avery Runner
Rhythm Sanctuary

Avery Runner

Elf Arrow is a spirit name originally conceived in a dream by a close friend, Silver Crow, a Medicine Woman from the Apache traditions. An initiate of teachings on shamanism and numerology, Avery Runner began a deep quest to discover healing through music in 1988, mixing field recordings of natural environments and tribal cultures, with percussion, flute and electronic instruments. Early sound trials used tape decks and a 78 RPM record player, but serious experimentation led to drum machines, synthesizers, recorded acoustic jams, ethno-musical sample libraries and ultimately (yes), the computer in the early 1990s. Weaving a tapestry of elemental music for 3 decades, Elf Arrow explores planetary influences of ecstatic dance with panoramic perspectives. Based in the Crestone region of Colorado since 1977, Avery Runner has been deeply involved in the local visionary arts and dance communities. Spearheading the renowned Chakra Festivals between 1996 and 2007, Space Dub Vibrations placed electronic trance and tribal dance music in the arena of Colorado’s underground music scene, hosting the first outdoor trance events in the “Rave Days” of Pike’s Peak and surrounding areas. Native Circuit was launched in 2009, engineering psychedelic festivals and family gatherings for Colorado and New Mexico for over a decade. A founder of Ishtara Music, Star Active Records, Signal Arts and Aum Lab Studios, Avery remains focused on production work year round, at the studio, in the field, and on stage. Studio recording projects include Meta Myth, Pulse Drift, Aum Lab and various artist collaborations. Sound engineering and synthesis design have been a forward field of study in recent years, propelling a unique approach to composition and frequency separation in studio production and stage performance. With roots rhythm and astral medicine guiding the way, Elf Arrow performs music to please an audience of all colors and times. An acclaimed performer in Denver’s ‘Rhythm Sanctuary’ ecstatic dance community since 2015, audiences cut loose and melt down for Avery Runner’s mature DJ skills and International Style. Elf Arrow DJ sets explore Global Dub, World Beat, and Tribal Trance as well as creating Meditative Ambient and Psychedelic Chill Out environments. Avery Runner aka Elf Arrow has performed hundreds of events and festivals over 3 decades. Featured sets at Tribal Gathering for 5 years in Panama, timeless passages at Burning Man, Envision Festival and Organika in Costa Rica, Gemini Fest California, Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival, TOUCH Samadhi Equinox North Carolina, Sacred Earth Fest Wisconsin, Gaian Mind Pennsylvania, Tribal Vision Taos New Mexico, Native Circuit, Fruitascape, Apogaea, Arise Fest, Sonic Bloom, Rhythm Sanctuary ambassador DJ for 5 year residency in Colorado, and hundreds of private parties all over everywhere travels lead. Music links : Dub set from Tribal Gathering 


2017 Panama : https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner/tribal-dubz Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Set Denver CO : https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner/rhythm-sanction-318 Organika Fest Chillout 2015 Costa Rica : https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner/organika-chillout Popular ambient breaks mix from 2012 : https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner/morning-breakfest-winter-mix Chillgressive Tribal Trance set : https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner/chillgressive-essentials-vol3 All sorts of live and DJ mixes from the vault - https://soundcloud.com/avery-runner Booking and contact : overtonehuman@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/elfarrowmusic/ Elf Arrow, an appropriate spirit name for the King of Elves - (Avery literally means king of birds and elves). E.L.F. is short for extreme low frequency waves, reminding us of the communication between elephants and radar.

The Audience

The Audience

Emitting inspiring ripples of rock and roll frequencies that tug at your higher calling.

The Audience, formed in 2017, is an experimental rock group based out of Crestone, Colorado.  We have been evolving our sound through the continued addition of added members and instruments including trumpet, trombone, keyboard, synthesizer, electronic elements, and auxiliary percussion.   When we are not rocking original music, we enjoy playing covers, sampling sounds and exotic pedals, and jamming our faces off. 


Benny Roman – Practicing singer/songwriter/musician who has been playing for over two decades in multiple bands all the way from Washington D.C. to California – all of the rock and roll nature. 


Carl Swett – from parts unknown, has been rocking guitar, bass, vocals, and an impressive beard throughout SLV for several years.  He is also an active songwriter/composer covering all styles from rap, to electronic, to jazz. 


Dave Sheffield – Grew up in Michigan and has been banging drums since he was knee high. In his free time, Dave has been rocking with local Crestone bands since 2016.  He aint’ afraid to jump on stage and throw down a beat and get some people dancing and melt faces. 


Holly Ray – A Missouri hometown gal who studied music education at Truman State University and obtained her Master’s degree in music with an emphasis in jazz trumpet from Western Illinois University.  She has toured internationally playing jazz and migrated to Colorado in 2017.   She enjoys playing all styles of music and rocking with the Audience.

****Guest Artists for PermaPeaceFest May 30, 2021****

Marcus Newell – a 31-year-old drummer from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He was born and raised in Alamosa, Colorado and studied percussion at Adams State University. He has close ties to family and friends in Crestone. 

Carl Cole – Has a trombone and used to live in New Orleans. One time. 

Taylor Pettit – He is an avid singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all around jolly entertainer. His piano skills and vocal harmonies have really added a new dimension the Audience’s sound. 

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